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Installation of elevators and escalators

We provide our installed elevators and hoists technical maintenance

services, providing equipment operation safety and continuity of operations 24 hours a day. 

Our professionals will provide you with the best solutions in: 

Elevators installation; 

Elevators modernization;

Elevators maintenance field.

Our provided services meet the highest European standard and quality requirements. Electronic components, control units, cabin structure and decoration materials are made from high-quality ingredients, which provides long-lasting, safe and aesthetically enjoyable lift operation.

Our Projects

Our pride are installed lifts and escalators in the following notable objects:

"ELKOR PLAZA" Trade center in Riga, Brivibas gatve 201

In trade center "Valleta" in Valmiera" in trade 

center in  Kekava

In Residential house complex in Kometas street, Riga

In Concert hall "Juras varti" in Ventspils

In Daugavpils hospital where 30 of our devices are installed

In Akniste


hospital, Jekabpils

In Multifunctional building complex "Gallerian KARLSTAD" in Sweden

In many other commercial

objects, residential house complexes and medical institutions

As is known, lift is the first space that a person gets familiar with entering any multi-storey building. It is like a reflection of the owner image, to which our

manufacturers and assembly experts pay very close attention, to make this a high class product, even to a very demanding client. 

We will be very honored to cooperate with you and will be happy if you will join our range of clients!

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